Horse Cryotherapy -The newest and most advanced service in Toowoomba and the darling Downs

Horse Cryotherapy isn’t something that many horse owners are aware of, but can now be supplied on your property utilising Mobile Cryotherapy Toowoomba. We provide the absolute best cryotherapy service available for horses. We utilise the latest in localised cryotherapy equipment providing thermal imaging of the inflamed or affected parts of your horse to remove doubt or guessing where issues arise, but can provide visual feedback to owners and trainers alike, including before and after treatment screen captures if desired. 

Why Choose Mobile Cryotherapy Toowoomba for your Horse Cryotherapy treatment?

  • Cost efficient – With often stretched or limited access to large animal veterinary care across the Darling Downs, let alone costs of vet travel, Mobile Cryotherapy Toowoomba may be an alternative in many cases.
  • For strained muscles and inflamed joints, targeted cryotherapy treatments can offer rapid relief from pain and discomfort very quickly and easily and without the associated costs:
  • Because we use the best technology, you can experience a swift temperature drop from 32°C to 4°C in just 30 seconds, providing your equine athletes with lasting relief.
  • Time-Efficient: Invest your time wisely with Mobile Cryotherapy Toowoomba’s powerful mobile device from Cryocool– the “Less Pain, More Gain” solution for quick and effective equine therapy.
Target Areas for Treatment:

Immediate Thermal Shock for Rapid Results

Experience the immediate effects of Cryocool’s thermal shock, stimulating skin receptors that send rapid signals to the brain. Your equine companion will feel:

Pain Relief

 Inflammation crisis management

Muscular relaxation

 Vasomotor effect for rapid draining of hematomas and edemas

Ice vs. Cryocool: Unveiling the Distinction

Discover the unparalleled advantages of Cryocool over traditional ice treatments:

Continuous Treatment: Treat all your equine athletes in under 5 minutes with Cryocool’s powerful device, unlike ice, which has a limited application time of 20 minutes.

 Integrated Thermal Camera: Ensure precise and unique treatments with Cryocool’s integrated thermal camera system, providing targeted therapy for optimal results.

No Fuss: Bid farewell to the hassle of preparing and securing ice on a restless horse. Cryocool efficiently treats your horse and delivers long-lasting effects with minimal effort.

Targeted Cryotherapy FAQs

What is Thermal Shock in Cryotherapy Technology?

Thermal Shock in cryotherapy involves three powerful forces working together to create a high-intensity physiological reaction. These forces are:

  • CO2 Micro Crystals at -78°C: Emission of CO2 micro crystals at an extremely low temperature of -78°C.
  • Extremely Rapid Temperature Drop: A swift and substantial drop in temperature.
  • Vibrations from CO2 Pressure Jet: Vibrations generated by the CO2 pressure jet.

The process begins with the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas at -78°C and 50 bars of pressure onto a targeted area, inducing a stressful state that initiates the thermal shock process. This process immediately activates sensory neuroreceptors under the skin, slowing down pain receptors transmitted by nerves through rapid cooling. Consequently, the brain responds by inhibiting the physical sensation of pain. As the targeted area warms up, fresh and oxygenated blood is swiftly pumped to the affected area. This fresh blood carries anti-inflammatory properties, leading to a rapid surge of natural healing and promoting natural anti-inflammatory responses. Remarkably, all of this is achieved in as little as 30 seconds.

Experience the power of Thermal Shock for rapid pain relief and accelerated natural healing with Targeted Cryotherapy!

What is cryotherapy?

Understanding Cryotherapy: A Natural Painkiller and Anti-Inflammatory Solution

Cryotherapy, in essence, serves as a natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory method. The approved device propels carbon dioxide at high pressure at an ultra-low temperature of -78°C onto the skin. A pinnacle of technology, it features a cutting-edge thermal camera from a leading brand that identifies the specific area for treatment. On a display screen, essential data is presented, guiding the treatment process accordingly.

This innovative cold therapy is applicable to both humans and animals, gaining popularity among healthcare professionals, top-tier sports clubs, veterinary practices, and even Olympic equestrian teams globally. Experience the natural benefits of Cryotherapy for effective pain relief and inflammation reduction.

How does Cryotherapy activate the Fight or Flight Response

Cryotherapy induces the fight or flight response by subjecting a targeted area to a stressful state through a rapid temperature drop (-78°C CO2 & 50 bar pressure). The intense cold effectively deceives the body into a fight or flight mode, leading to the release of an organic chemical in the brain which is the bodies main neurotransmitter used by the sympathetic nervous system  . This chemical released in response to stress, diminishes the sensation of pain and enables the body to persevere when faced with threats. Additionally, Cryotherapy triggers a similar response to endorphins, contributing not only to the healing process but also uplifting moods, thereby enhancing pain management. The body’s fight or flight response proves to be a remarkable asset in this therapeutic process.

Exploring the 4 Key Benefits of Localized Cryotherapy

Analgesic Effect:

  • Experience immediate relief as localized cryotherapy activates pain relief receptors, effectively curbing the inflammatory crisis triggered by pain and inflammation. This swift response allows for accelerated recovery.


  • Instantly alleviate pain and reduce swelling by stimulating anti-inflammatory receptors. Simultaneously, the process encourages the production of inflammatory enzymes, promoting increased blood flow for faster healing of damaged soft tissues.

Vasoconstriction / Vasodilation Effects:

  • The potent impact of cryotherapy induces nearly instantaneous (7 seconds) reflex vasoconstriction. Paired with the high-pressure CO2 (50 bars), this process facilitates blood circulation around the injury. The massaging and draining effect on tissue leads to a rapid reduction in swelling, especially beneficial in treating edema and hematomas.

Cardiovascular Benefits:

  • Witness improved circulation as blood vessels dilate, minimizing the risk of further damage due to poor blood flow at injury sites. The cardiovascular effects of localized cryotherapy contribute to an enhanced healing environment for a speedier recovery.
Understanding Cryotherapy: Is It Painful or Invasive? How Well is the Treatment Accepted?

Concerned about potential discomfort? The initial exposure to the extreme cold in the targeted Cryotherapy system may give you a momentary shock, akin to encountering Antarctic conditions. However, rest assured, the overall procedure is virtually painless, offering a significantly more effective recovery aid compared to traditional methods like ice packs or baths. The extended duration of pain relief is an added advantage.

The Cryo Cool cryotherapy system operates at approximately 83 decibels, providing a straightforward and swift process. Most horses and canines tend to accept it almost instantly. For our furry friends, we recommend ear muffs for horses and muzzles for canines until they become desensitized to the process. Typically, it takes 2-3 sessions for complete desensitization.

In the case of humans, the initial surprise is brief, primarily attributed to the sudden exposure to freezing cold CO2 reaching the skin. Unlike animals, humans may find the experience less startling, with the noise being the primary adjustment factor. Rest assured, the Cryotherapy treatment is well-tolerated and offers numerous benefits for an efficient and comfortable recovery.

Exploring the Distinction: Targeted/Localized Cryotherapy vs. Cryotherapy Chambers

Localized or targeted cryotherapy represents cutting-edge technology, gaining significant traction with enthusiastic reviews. The primary divergence between localized and whole-body treatments lies in their focus. In localized therapy, the freezing -78°C CO2, emitted at 50 bars of pressure, precisely targets a specific area of the body. Conversely, whole-body cryotherapy provides a more general treatment without pinpointing a particular region. Cryocool’s localized system stands out for its specificity, directly addressing targeted areas with precision.

For those seeking to maximize recovery times, a combination of both localized and whole-body treatments has demonstrated remarkable restorative effects. Embracing the benefits of both methods can lead to an accelerated and comprehensive recovery experience.

Can Cryotherapy Benefit Arthritis?

Research indicates that cryotherapy has proven effective in alleviating the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Following treatment, there has been observable improvement in pain levels and mobility, leading to enhanced function and an imprved quality of life. Additionally, cryotherapy has shown promise in reducing the reliance on corticosteroid and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis management.


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